sharon stone

The "Basic Instinct" director sounded off about the famous crotch scene and the "new purity" of moviemaking.
The actor accused the podcaster of “risking people’s lives with his idiocy."
River Stone was just over a week away from his first birthday.
Paul Verhoeven told Variety his memory of shooting the frontal nudity scene was “radically different” than the actor’s.
"Been there, done that," wrote the Oscar nominee alongside a snapshot that referenced her iconic performance as Catherine Tramell.
In a tweet, Stone doubled down on the point about Streep — and Hollywood in general — she already made.
"Quite frankly, there are other actresses equally as talented as Meryl Streep," Stone said in an interview published last month.
The "Basic Instinct" actor opened up about the kinship she shares with the pop star. “Women ― and, I’m sure, all of the young stars ― get handled," she said.
She decided to allow the scene because it was "correct for the film and for the character; and because, after all, I did it," she writes in her upcoming book.
The actor, 62, told Drew Barrymore why she's off the market — for good.