Shaun King

Jazmine Barnes was shot in a car with her mother and three sisters on Sunday.
The former NFL player scored an ad campaign with Nike after starting a movement to protest how black people are treated in the U.S.
BET recognized Justin Blackman, Anthony Borges, Mamoudou Gassama, Shaun King, James Shaw Jr. and Naomi Wadler.
If they succeed, the liberal billionaire and political action committees could change how the law is enforced in America.
Shaun King says district attorneys “are the gatekeepers of America’s justice system.”
The internet is a bizarre, highly-curated universe. Deception abounds -- from false OKCupid profiles, to the Instagram accounts of fake-buttocked, dead-eyed "models" who desperately shill detox teas. Trolling is a sport. Misinformation and lies are a universal truth. Anyone trying to participate online should accept this.
The Black Lives Matter activist tweeted out a screenshot of his correspondence with a CNN producer that included her contact information.
Three of the progressive movements that are most active right now are Black Lives Matter, the push for LGBT rights, and the push for a minimum/living wage. Each of these movements is powerful on its own. Working together, they can achieve much more. And they are coming together.
I believe that Comey had a very specific goal in mind for his speech, and that goal is to change the behavior of police officers. What is the most effective way Comey could get cops to really hear his message? Before we go there, let's start by discussing a way that would not work.