shawn achor

If you're not aiming to have a great quality of life along with your business success, it's time to start. The reason: The happier and more positive you are in life, the more success you will achieve for yourself, your team and your clients.
"If we sugar-coat the present with our optimism, we make bad decisions for the future," says happiness researcher Shawn Achor.
I've never followed a conventional path and that's probably my favorite thing about my life so far. I've done most things on my terms and believed early on in setting my own agenda -- even if that means making really difficult decisions.
It's not the same as pleasure, says Shawn Achor. In fact, it's the opposite.
Finding a way to feel happy in the present moment of our unhappiness seems counter-intuitive, improbable, and impractical. We recoil from wanting to feel happy in the same way we recoil from having a root canal.
It is natural to want to be surrounded by positive people. If there are two people capable of doing a job, selling a product or service (or even sitting next to us) the likable person will win every time. Here are seven reasons likable people succeed:
Last weekend, when I stepped onto the campus of UCLA I could feel the buzz. A line extended throughout the campus of energetic people chatting with one another they waited to enter Royce Hall.