shawn johnson

The 29-year-old former gymnast is also a mom to 20-month-old Drew Hazel East.
The Olympic gymnast encouraged others who've gone through it to share their stories.
The gymnast says her hometown represents a supportive community that "you really can't find anywhere else."
"If you’re going to tear me apart, tear apart my gymnastics."
Shawn: I failed miserably on Celebrity Apprentice. Shawn: Agreed. Yes, definitely. I have a confidence with discomfort. I
NFL rookie Andrew East proposed at Wrigley Field.
Specifically among dancers, there is a tremendous amount of pressure to look good. That is our job. So there is often a harrowing potential for an obsession with comparison, image, and consequently, a "false celebration of the self," as choreographer Breton Tyner-Bryan puts it.
x Kelly Monaco and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy came in third place and Shawn Johnson and her partner Derek Hough came in
"This season has been like Shawn's redemption," Hough said. "What better way to end the season than the way she would finish