she summit

Marketers; agency creative writers and art directors; video and music producers, performers and writers; news directors; journalists and editors; and all those invested in media, advertising and marketing must heed the changes in gender norms that will sweep through government, business, culture and society in the next four years. Pay attention!
"S.H.E. stands for She Helps Empower and the summit represents this mountain that women are climbing and conquering."
I turned to the pros who mastered the fine art of juggling it all, only to find that "work-life balance" may require rethinking. Read on to learn six top ways women CEOs are changing the definition of work-life balance.
It seems challenging to fight these stereotypes head on and brave the way for future women, but the panelists at the S.H.E. summit had some advice on how to break out of "the box."
Author Lauren Maillian Bias joins HuffPost Live to discuss how becoming a mother changed her definition of success.
Along our journey for whatever our next mountain may be, it is important to know who we are, what we want and be clear about the steps we need to take to get us to that next summit.
To date, entrepreneurs have been faced with a false choice of doing good or making money, but why can't you do both?