shea butter

Is success Wall Street and money? Not for me. Success is waking up every morning fulfilled by my work and confident that I'm forging a new American Dream. I want to share a lesson my mom taught me: It's not bad to be defined by what you do, so long as you can be proud and happy in that work.
4. DIY skincare ingredient. 3. Instant dry skin remedy. "I use shea butter on my hands when they get really dry because i
When we asked Walsh how she keeps her skin moisturized, especially since it's blistery cold out, she said, "I started using
Watch the video above called "Women's Gold: The Empowering Story of Shea Butter," which is narrated by Taraji, for a closer
When we asked about her cute and curly twists underneath her black hat, Prempeh revealed that it's a protective hairstyle
Photo/Art: Raydene Salinas It's been three years since this fresh-faced beauty started wearing her natural curls, and she
Avoid excessive heat such as sitting close to the fire. Keep the heat lower in your house, especially at night. Use more
April 20 - May 20 Taurus To those stubborn Taureans out there; indulge your love of comfort and luxury for a change. I know