Is success Wall Street and money? Not for me. Success is waking up every morning fulfilled by my work and confident that I'm forging a new American Dream. I want to share a lesson my mom taught me: It's not bad to be defined by what you do, so long as you can be proud and happy in that work.
2. Windburn treatment. "I started using African shea butter oil for the winter time because it's good for windburn and super
When we asked Walsh how she keeps her skin moisturized, especially since it's blistery cold out, she said, "I started using
"So many people go to Africa and they take, take, take. It's very rare when someone comes in to give to the people," Taraji
To keep her skin smooth and blemish-free, Prempeh uses Aveeno face wash, lip balm from drugstore Duane Reade and a lot of
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