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A group of rockhopper penguins were let out of their habitat to explore the rest of the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.
The anchor technology of the lab is an Illumina™ MiSeq DNA sequencer; the machine is used to decode molecules of DNA and
Photo credit: ©Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez Penguin Cataract Surgery As time goes by, the proteins that make up the lens
When you hear or read the term "marine mammal," chances are you think immediately of a sleek dolphin, or a graceful whale. But not all marine mammals are of the hairless variety. Sea otters, like the five we have here at Shedd Aquarium in fact, set the record for hairiness! Sea otters have more hairs per square inch on their body surface than any other known animal.
At Shedd Aquarium caring for the quality of water animals live in and depend on does not stop at the front doors.
Although iguanas are vital to many ecosystems, they face serious threats. Deforestation and other human-caused disturbances such as predation and competition from non-native species, hunting, smuggling for the illicit wildlife trade, and unregulated tourism, have brought many species near extinction.
Shedd vets and animal husbandry team members in Wild Reef developed a plan: Wait until Ginsu was resting comfortably in one
The newborn was filmed gracefully speeding around its tank at the Shedd Aquarium while its protective mother guided it.
Among other important topics discussed - safe drinking water, aging infrastructures and oil transportation - the last of
On islands across the globe, free-ranging cats have caused or contributed to 33 (14%) of the modern bird, mammal and reptile