sheila jackson lee

Two Democrats, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and state Sen. John Whitmire, will compete in a runoff race on Dec. 9.
The Congresswoman, who is running to be Houston’s next mayor, expressed regret following the release of an audio recording where she purportedly cursed at her staff.
The far-right commentator said the former first lady and other supporters of affirmative action lacked the "brain processing power" to succeed on their own.
The Democratic congresswoman's bid is another opportunity for progressives to flex their power at the local level.
Two Black men and two white women have served as mayors of the Texas city.
“We’re asking for people to understand the pain, the violence, the brutality, the chattel-ness of what we went through," Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said.
The deadly Capitol insurrection was meant to undermine Black votes and devalue Black life. Wednesday's hearing felt like a rebuttal.
Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) said this week he would join Democrats on a Juneteenth bill.
Few say they learned anything about the holiday growing up, a new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds.
The holiday has renewed urgency as we march for justice and demand that freedom finally rings true for Black Americans.