sheldon adelson

Adelson’s poor health was revealed earlier this week by one of his company’s attorneys during a court hearing.
A surprise shift in the DOJ’s legal opinion during the government shutdown just happened to benefit Sheldon Adelson.
The billionaire Tesla and SpaceX CEO donated $38,900 to Protect the House last quarter.
Carri Geer said she was forced to kill her story on sexual abuse claims after his lawyers visited the paper.
The prime minister has been ordered to disclose calls with publishers, and a former top aide has turned state's witness.
Why would the world’s richest casino owner spend so much on a state attorney general race?
But that strategy for self-enrichment is old-fashioned in our Golden Age of Crony Capitalism besotted with legalized bribery
Fleischer forecasts "a clash" coming between the new administration and the White House press corps, which he depicts as a smug, entitled bunch of liberal miscreants who are out to get poor Donald Trump.
Some donors have taken advantage of unlimited aggregate contributions to give more cash than they ever could before.
Steyer's NextGen Climate Action super PAC gave $5.0 million. United We Can PAC collected almost $9.8 million in the third
Just this past year, we added three regional offices, opened our first IAC community center in America, and added IAC Eitanim
While 2012's convention received six donations of $1 million-plus from individuals, Adelson was the lone donor to break into
Billionaire Sheldon Adelson wants the stadium to lure the Oakland Raiders to Vegas.