sheldon cooper

Jim Parsons told Ellen DeGeneres that the role the show has played in their lives is more than he and his fellow actors "can get a grip on."
Will young "Sheldon" hold the same appeal as "The Big Bang"?
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Children can be remarkably resilient. But what about adults who struggle to cope with the demands of their personal and professional lives? Will they happily go with the flow of new-found freedoms and technology? Or will they dig in their heels and resist change with the angry determination of a frightened adolescent?
No, working for free isn't for every person or for every occasion. But working for free does have its place.
It took five years, but it's finally happening.
So Sheldon originally had a normal sex drive. When the show was re-tooled, though, it is likely that with the addition of Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar as Leonard and Sheldon's friends, Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali, the decision was made to use Howard as the friend with a heavy sex drive.
In a 2001 episode of Family Guy, Stewie Griffin plays some pranks and punctuates them with "Bazing!" Thanks to Emile Rome
CBS has more shows about geniuses than any other network ever -- forensic and detective shows, threat-of-the-week shows, The Big Bang Theory -- at least a dozen programs, dwarfing the number of CBS shows about idiots (Big Brother).