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* * Source Climate is warming twice as fast in Alaska than in the lower 48; No sea ice means many (dozens
So, over 31M have now watched Shell's very snazzy #makethefuture video. It features a gaggle of uber-cool singers artfully
90 companies accounted for 65 percent of worldwide carbon emissions between 1854 and 2013.
OO The Alarming Number Of Fires In The Brazilian Amazon is an undeniable sign that predatory exploration in the Brazilian
Less well-known is that ArmorGroup has roots connecting it to other human rights abuses and controversial tactics on behalf
Ideological, right-wing opponents of climate progress and clean energy stayed more on message, releasing a poll purporting
IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Global protests for action on climate change receive no coverage in corporate media; New evacuations
IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see links below): Obama administration announces historic new regulations for methane emissions from
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My husband and I are trying to put this recent escapade in the rearview mirror because my declaration comes with a bit of embarrassment: Yesterday, I had the "winning" score of 11 miles to go in my gas tank and 8 miles to the closest station.
Sharks are circling in the Atlantic ocean, and we're not referring to the majestic wildlife found there.
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The ongoing push to lift the ban on exports of U.S.-produced crude oil appears to be coming to a close, with Congress agreeing to a budget deal with a provision to end the decades-old embargo.
Will some follow Portlanders' lead, and agree to put an end to new fossil fuel infrastructure in their city's limits, too? It's hard to say, just yet. But if this happens, we might actually look back on Portland.
The five carbon majors and the rest of the oil and gas industry are still spending millions to deceive the public and derail government attempts to address the problem.
Developing countries lose more and are damaged more. This is why developing countries have been continuously, tirelessly fighting for loss and damage in the climate negotiations. Meanwhile, developed countries like the United States, those who have caused the climate change we know today, have only evaded the topic.
Climate science has a different calendar -- fossils must essentially be gone by 2050. That extra 50 years is, to coal and oil, worth fighting for -- and natural gas is oil's alternative of choice. Their secret weapon? Ever lower prices.
Shell "disagrees with the decision." Climate groups rejoice.
Source: The End Of The Oil Major? Shell also withdrew from the Arctic in late September, another area that the industry had
We can see this withdrawal as not just a victory for the Arctic but also as an opportunity to take stock of our unhealthy relationship with fossil fuels.