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They'd rather not discuss the stunning reversal by a top Trump diplomat confirming a quid pro quo involving aid to Ukraine.
Trump was to get a personal sense of the concern —and perhaps questions about his strategy — from those in his own party at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.
The polls are wrong, the opposition is distorting the truth, and tax cuts are "generally unpopular."
Either they are getting played by their leaders -- or they simply don't care
Female senators who oppose the bill are (phew!) saved from Rep. Blake Farenthold's challenge.
Send a thank-you note to Sens. Collins, Murkowski and Capito if you're a fan of the ACA.
A new set of Obamacare repeal attack ads attempts to hold some GOP senators accountable.
Is it enough for Sens. Capito and Portman, even though their states need more?
Apparently taking Medicaid away from millions is fine as long as it happens slowly.
Soon-to-expire health benefits for coal miners are shaping up to be a flashpoint in the government-funding debate.