Ingredients: 1 kilo of clams (or Vongole, washed) ½ lemon 10 ripe cherry tomatoes (cut in half) A bunch of fresh parsley
Frozen scallops supplied to the restaurant have now been recalled in 3 states.
We've depleted the populations and ruined the habitats of some truly delicious fish.
Given the importance of seafood to our coastal communities, our economies, and as a major source of protein for people around the world, it is important that we conduct scientific research so we can better understand how various organisms will react to acidification in the coming years.
Those days are over. Over the past year-and-change, lobster prices have risen sharply since record catches in Maine pushed
"Don't call it flesh-eating bacteria," state officials in Florida warn, in an effort to control the media message reminiscent
He pointed to the devastating drought in California, where irrigation for land-based agriculture accounts for 80 percent