“Don’t relax. Don’t get complacent,” North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said.
The "psychological and emotional impact is forever," the official said.
Maintenance of the shelter system, which once entailed federal funding to stock shelters with food and water, ended decades ago.
Shelter pets were flown out of Florida to make way for abandoned animals in the wake of Irma.
More than a third of the 341,291 crimes committed in 2014 in Kazakhstan involved violence against women, according the Statistics
Record floods have been blamed for at least 13 deaths and damage to about 40,000 homes.
There is no other topic that leads to heated discussion as the topic of kill versus no kill shelters. But many people are not familiar with the differences in these types of shelters because sometimes the status of a shelter can be misleading.To understand the differences in these shelters, it is important to learn what they are.
In New York City, over 150,000 children under five are poor. Last year, nearly 20,000 of these children slept in homeless shelters - enough to fill Madison Square Garden. From the moment they're born, children in poverty face an uphill struggle to survive, thrive and learn with so many odds stacked against them.
Maddie just needed a little TLC. And that's exactly what she got!
As mist hovers over the rolling fields of Kentucky and the sun is still low in the sky, the women of Greenhouse 17 emerge from the house they share, clippers in hand. They spread out over a field and cut bouquets of fresh flowers.
While some reasonable estimates exist, the true number of U.S. animals sheltered at a national level has never actually been counted, much less shared. This lack of clarity severely impedes our ability to best serve our country's homeless animals.
Fourth, show a little gratitude for what you have. The very fact that you are reading this on a computer, tablet or phone