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"I need guidance," the host told her "Live with Kelly and Ryan" audience.
If your goodbye was even a tiny bit as hard as ours, you deserve an update on how his life turned out.
We said our goodbye's to Benji and her boys and off we were to Georgetown, DE where we would meet Mike and Karen with Flying
When we brought him home, it was as if he had always been with us.
The phrase "meant to be" is used a lot...perhaps to excess. But a recent adoption at the animal welfare organization I work for truly is an example of something that was meant to be.
"Don't ever question who can defy the odds," Shannon Keith, president of Animal Rescue, Media & Education (ARME), told The
Pound for Pound is "The brave, inspiring story of one woman's recovery from a debilitating eating disorder, and the remarkable
Chip arrived at an animal shelter when he was only a 7-week-old puppy in need of a loving forever family. And then for the
Along with her deformity in her front legs, both of her elbows, right shoulder and back hips are dislocated, causing her
"He is socially awkward ... very obsessive over things and does not take change well," she said. Granados told HuffPost that
Norman went on to inform the soldier that not only was Prinny in a happy forever home, but one of her new owners was also
Find out what animals can teach us about love in the full segment at HuffPost Live HERE: Lecain, a volunteer for Pets In
Animals rescued from puppy mills, hoarding situations or natural disasters generate more public attention than those picked up as strays or dumped like trash on an almost daily basis at local shelters in almost every county or municipality in every state in the nation.
With time, patience, and the right tools and resources, every dog will eventually settle in. And there are few things as gratifying as knowing you are providing a bright future to a dog with a dark past.
You can help homeless dogs in a myriad of ways, the most obvious of which is by adopting one from your local shelter or rescue group. Foster families are often needed to care for dogs who are not doing well in a shelter environment.
Bacon has been arrested, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and hopefully Mabeline will be rewarded with her own
Lauren Cahn is busy applying to grad school this week, so she asked her dog, Lewis, to pinch hit. He seems to have come up with his own topic, stubborn hound that he is.