The House passed a $4.5 billion emergency funding bill for humanitarian assistance for migrant children and their families at the U.S. southern border.
Months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans are trying to rebuild their lives while they're still housed in hotel rooms.
Hiwot Abebaw, also a survivor, shared how the shelter helped her overcome the trauma: “I used to want to be alone all the
Last of all, my veterans taught me that in the heat of the battle, you never leave behind your fallen battle buddy. For me
"When you hand someone a serving tray of food, it’s like handing them a hug, smile and handshake all at once."
At one time or another, we've all come across street people, most of whom find themselves to be intermittently or chronically homeless. But the scope of homelessness runs deeper than what a cursory glance renders or a brief interaction elicits.
“Young people don’t feel safe in adult shelters. We felt it would be wrong not to open up a space for our peers.”
We asked survivors, advocates and experts how to reduce fatal domestic violence.