Shenandoah National Park

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I love this place because it offers great views of the Potomac, hiking and rock climbing a few minutes away from the city
Nicole Mittendorff's family says they last heard from her on Wednesday.
When we arrived to Shenandoah National Park in February, it was very much a world without color. A recent cold snap had blanketed snow on much of the mountains and trails.
The movie adaptation of A Walk in the Woods is on solid footing with Bill Bryson's chronicle of the struggles, discomforts, and deprivations he endured -- and gratifications he derived -- as he explored the Appalachian Trail in the spring and summer of 1996. The book conveys the trepidations he experienced -- the perils encountered, and imagined.
Blackrock Summit View ISO 200 f/10 1/100 18 mm focal length - Photo Credit: Heather Hummel Photography Each image caption
We'd return to Shenandoah, Grand Tetons, and Hawaii's Big Island during the fall in a heartbeat. But I feel a little reluctant to be writing about this undiscovered time of year. If enough people listen to me, it probably won't be such an isolated experience next time.
One, a Southerner who says she's "always been pretty and tall" and never leaves the house without doing her hair and makeup
WJLA-TV/ABC7 reports people across Northern Virginia and even in Maryland's Montgomery County called authorities reporting
Beck-Herzog said the fire started on private land in Warren County, just to the west of the park. It was first reported to