shepard fairey

Artist Shepard Fairey discusses the power of art and why culture is America's greatest export.
Posters submitted to Amplifier Foundation's call for art are going on view in an art center in Seattle.
Shepard Fairey, Jessica Sabogal and Ernesto Yerena want to visualize the non-partisan principles that characterize America.
But the artist says he doesn't find Hillary Clinton "inspiring enough" to illustrate.
This article is also posted on Brooklyn Street Art. Lauren YS and Ouizi for Murals In The Market 2016. Detroit, Michigan
If he were to make a "Hope"-style portrait of Trump, it'd involve one word: "Ego."
Appropriation of every type of visual art, music, dance... even cultural attributes has been taking place since the dawn of time.
The latest Street Art Fairs International opened in Downtown LA's Fashion District this week with a sprawling exhibition
Considering they already have a stamp and cruises are now dropping off visitors to walk through the streets and discover
That spirit of beauty overcoming the beast is what charged ALS activist Suzi Hoffman-Kipp to create an LA-based Art for ALS
Archival prints of photos from the book are on display. This picture of Alec Monopoly painting Jack Nicholson in lakers colors overlooks the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Helmut Newton Self Portrait with Wife and Models, Paris , 1981 Gelatin silver print Signed, titled, date and annotated For
"I think there are many gun laws that could make all of us safer, but realistically, I think we should just try to close the loophole in the existing background check law."
MOCA Gala 2016 at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, courtesy of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, photo by Emanuele