Jody Greene abused his power in Columbus County. And the Republicans around him supported it.
During his first term, Villanueva covered up misconduct and retaliated against those who tried to hold the sheriff's department accountable.
Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene was recorded saying racial slurs not long after he took office.
"Somebody came from out of state, preyed upon these people, lured them with promises of a better life," a Texas sheriff said of Florida Gov. DeSantis' stunt.
Bryant's widow testified that she "lives in fear every day" that the photos of her husband's death will pop up on social media.
Three candidates for public office say Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey offered help in getting a job in exchange for leaving a race and backing his favored candidate.
After the boy's father left their motel room, the kid allegedly found the dad's gun and fired a round that killed the baby and struck the toddler.
Authorities said Quartavius Mender, 18, allegedly posted messages on social media threatening to "assassinate" the Fulton County sheriff if the rapper wasn't freed.
Authorities said when Jennifer Anne Hall was a respiratory therapist at a rural Missouri hospital, there was an alarming increase in sudden cardiac arrest events.
Officials are searching for murder suspect Casey Cole White and jail official Vicky White, who disappeared together.