Sheriff Arpaio

Undocumented immigrants are playing a leading role in the campaign aiming to take him down.
President Trump, surrounded by his entire cabinet, held his 750th daily press conference today. The following is a rough, annotated, somewhat edited, extremely cleaned-up transcript.
Addressing his recent racial profiling investigation and stance on immigration, Arpaio told Spanish news service EFE that
Their details did little to convince anybody that the allegation was true, but it increasingly seems that this doesn't concern
Over the past four decades, former Democratic leader and activist Alfredo Gutierrez has been on the front lines of Arizona's civil rights and immigration battles.
I'm sending two flying chanclasos to Sherriff Joe Arpaio and to those that continue to elect him into office. And Un aplauso to L. Rafael Reif for being selected as the first Latino president of the Massachusetts Information of Technology (MIT), one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world
Sheriff Joe Arpaio's volunteer investigation into documents pertaining to President Barack Obama's residency status now includes
Sheriff Arpaio: 'No One Is Higher Than Me'
He also told CNN that Mitt Romney "briefly" contacted the sheriff in pursuit of his endorsement. Joe Arpaio, the self-proclaimed
"Nor am I going to reject them," he said. The Obama administration "might as well erect their own pink neon sign at the Arizona
"Why doesn't he call me to the White House and we'll have a little wine like he called the Cambridge police sergeant that
In the Wild West -- out here in Colorado, Arizona, and other homes where the buffaloes roam -- some of the Wyatt Burps in the region are turning a tempest into a Tea Party.
The protest was mostly peaceful as demonstrators marched more than 3 miles from a Phoenix park to the famous "tent city" jail
The 95% of us police officers who sincerely strive to "serve and protect" are tarnished by the 5% of us who intentionally "disserve and destroy."
[Sheriff] Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas angered many in the legal community when they filed a federal RICO (racketeering) lawsuit against many of their political opponents...
Under the bleating headline, "Is there no one who will stand up to Thomas, Arpaio?" the Arizona Republic Editorial Board pleaded this week for the governor and attorney general to step in...
Reportedly, the FBI is investigating Arpaio, who works hand-in-hand with Maricopa County Supervisor Thomas on these corruption cases, for alleged abuses of power.
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio told Wolfe Blitzer on CNN that he "fooled" the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) Wednesday afternoon, just days after losing his ICE immigration agent authority...