sheriff joe arpaio

“America’s toughest sheriff” is accused of disobeying orders to cease detentions influenced by racial profiling.
According to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 76 percent of Latinos support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Only 14 percent of Latinos said they back Trump.
The lawman was found guilty of civil contempt in a 2007 racial profiling case.
Arpaio and his office could face fines, restitution for those harmed by the actions and tighter oversight of daily operations.
Since 2008, the controversial workplace raids have led to the arrests of more than 700 undocumented workers for identity theft.
John McCain says that anyone who has followed the 9th Circuit's rulings "wants to get the hell out."
"Just think about Colorado. If there was someone in there with a concealed weapon that guy would have been shot down."
This week Pope Francis makes his inaugural visit to the United States. As he is greeted with well-wishes from people of faith and conscience, I am reminded of his compelling message for the 2013 World Day of Migrants and Refugees.
The office of "America's toughest sheriff" has cost an Arizona county millions of dollars, and he may be facing his toughest
An immigration advocate said the sheriff was on "the wrong side" of law and history.