The Trump administration is trying to win sheriffs to their side of the immigration debate.
Law enforcement personnel at all levels work for us. They are directly responsible to our elected and appointed GOVERNMENT
Seattle police officers got a surprise the day a woman approached with cocaine rocks in her hand and asked to be arrested. "I want to be enrolled in the LEAD program," she said, referring to a new initiative aimed at diverting people who are frequently arrested into social services and treatment.
"Fear and apprehension in the American Muslim community is even higher now than it was after 9/11."
I think back to that experience with Kamala and I can honestly tell you that even with all of Kamala's strengths -- an extremely successful litigation career, an excellent fundraising network and plenty of charisma -- taking on "the Old Boys' Club" was extremely challenging.
The fact is that the initial sale of a gun is almost always legal. It's at the point where the owner faces criminal charges or mental challenges that the issue of legality gets muddled.
Back in June, representatives of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition marched from the National Press Club to the Office of National Drug Control Policy headquarters. Our mission: to hand-deliver a copy of our new report.
From uniformed beat cops to homicide dicks to sheriffs more and more of the nation's police officers are coming to realize that our 40-year drug war is an unmitigated failure.
Jailing the mentally ill in New York has gotten so bad, that Michael Biasotti, Vice President of the NYS Chiefs of Police
Reports of abuse in the Higgins case came directly from the victims, who were likely U.S. citizens of Hispanic origin. But