sheryl crow

The nine-time Grammy winner says the change in ownership of Swift's recordings is "just the way business goes."
The iconic singer said the recent abortion bans, including in her home state of Missouri, are simply "wrong."
Missouri native Sheryl Crown got personal on the CMT Music Awards red carpet.
The results are funny, weird and gross all at the same time.
The singer returns to her roots with her new album, "Be Myself."
Sheryl Crow thought that she would be the last person to be diagnosed with breast cancer. But in 2006, a routine mammogram revealed otherwise.
A couple months back, I reported on Sheryl Crow's inspirational appearance at the #Blogher16 Conference where she talked about her experience with breast cancer. I received a lot of emails from those who were inspired by the article and Sheryl Crow. Luckily, I was able to personally speak to Crow on Monday morning as Breast Cancer Awareness Month kicked off.
Once Sheryl hit the stage, my disappointment was replaced with happiness and inspiration. Although I really wanted to see her speak about being a victim of misogyny in the music industry, Sheryl wasn't there to portray a victim; she was there to celebrate her tenth anniversary as a breast cancer survivor.
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With the Grammys 2015 behind us, I thought it apropos to talk about a typical experience I had while working in Hollywood.
For the first time, Sheryl Crow has scored a musical, and the result is a sold-out show for seven weeks. As I read the review, I battled conflicting emotions: happy, but disappointed that I'd miss this latest turn in Crow's refreshingly unpredictable and musically liberated career.