shiba inu

Coco the shiba inu was being treated for a fractured elbow after being struck Monday morning
Kinta the Shiba Inu sure has a lot to smile about these days. But that wasn't always the case.
Yep, she's pretty much just always a jerk. …despite her owner’s fervent attempts. But the dog wasn’t having any of it: Watch
In this video uploaded to YouTube, a man keeps trying to kiss his Shiba Inu. Time after time, the stubborn pup rejects him
We guarantee you've never had customer service like this -- from a Shiba Inu dog. In this video from Kuwana Ui, a Shiba Inu
Bandit the Maltese-Yorkie mix likes to hang (ten) in the Hamptons while sporting a shaggy surfer do. Blue the Great Dane
This Shiba Inu named Kenji is NOT impressed with what he sees in the mirror. He's all like, "Who are you? Stop imitating
What do you do when your dog is stressed out? Obviously get a small, cute toy dog to massage him. So here is a video of a