2. Forgive yourself. Be a Disney Princess and LET IT GO. That song became a sensation, because the message is universally
Shame is insidious, incestuous and relentless. Shame has no shame! So, I think I'll trade in my baseball bat for a flash
What the world has failed to understand, is that lights not allowed to shine are like birds not allowed to fly, dreams that are forced to die, love that never sees the light of day.
For tips from Lean In on how to be an ally, check out this overview. It was was magic. It was through my friendship with
Prism also works on all skin tones, which can't be said about all highlighters out there. More from Teen Vogue: 20 Genius
I try to not spend too much dwelling on the past because I understand that my experiences, good and bad, have led to who I am and the life that I have.
But we don't have to be stuck in this. We all have the power to transform our lives so we can truly be who we are and experience our true power in the world. Here are 7 ways to harness your energy so you can truly shine
The personality extremes associated with entrepreneurship often aren't all that different from those associated with mental illness, especially bipolar disorder and depression.
Recently, I was talking with a friend who is a fellow coach and entrepreneur about what I thought were the best ways to become visible if you are an HSP or introvert entrepreneur. After about 15 minutes, my friend responded with, "You should totally do a webinar about this topic."
4. Set Your Priorities Straight What things that bring you immense joy did you let go of over the summer that need to be