As a result, self-care isn't a 'nice to have,' it's a 'need to have.' Let's show ourselves the love we deserve in 2017. 5
Shame is insidious, incestuous and relentless. Shame has no shame! My compassionate and brilliant son was in tears this morning
What the world has failed to understand, is that lights not allowed to shine are like birds not allowed to fly, dreams that are forced to die, love that never sees the light of day.
Remember when the concept of a bestie first emerged so beautifully in elementary school? You discovered your fun soul-mate
The reason people love Prism so much seems to be because it can be swiped on as a literal rainbow or blended to form a single
I try to not spend too much dwelling on the past because I understand that my experiences, good and bad, have led to who I am and the life that I have.
But we don't have to be stuck in this. We all have the power to transform our lives so we can truly be who we are and experience our true power in the world. Here are 7 ways to harness your energy so you can truly shine
The personality extremes associated with entrepreneurship often aren't all that different from those associated with mental illness, especially bipolar disorder and depression.
Recently, I was talking with a friend who is a fellow coach and entrepreneur about what I thought were the best ways to become visible if you are an HSP or introvert entrepreneur. After about 15 minutes, my friend responded with, "You should totally do a webinar about this topic."
3. Cultivate Joy So, whether you have children beginning school again this year or not, take advantage of this shift in the
Strangers are driving through rural regions of Sierra Leone with bullhorns, shouting instructions about how to stay safe from the Ebola virus. Their intentions may be admirable, but their tactics are probably ineffective. Loud voices do not always get heard.
Remember the best fashion statement is a blend of on-trend makeup, modern hair, and channeling your own inner-sparkle. Happy Sparkling!
Filmmakers Sara Landas and Holli Rae organized the shoot to celebrate all types of women's bodies. They told The Huffington
My challenge to you is: Shine, do your best, stand above the crowd, and yes, be willing to receive negativity for your good works. By doing your best you'll also receive positive attention. Just keep going, take that next step. Joy is present.
On October 10th, I received one of the most exciting calls an author can hope to get: my novel was a finalist for the National Book Awards! And then, two hours later, came a concerned email. My gut clenched.
Rupert Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth Murdoch collected $214 million from the sale of her British TV production company, Shine
"These revelations should not have taken years to uncover and stop," reads the lawsuit, filed in Delaware Chancery Court
So at school Rush never dreamed that he'd end up an actor; "perhaps a radio announcer or a teacher". Of university where
"I really believe in the need for real change in the education system," said John Legend. Anyone who is a fan of Legend knows what a heartfelt guy he is.
For those harried women who find iVillage too taxing, Internet giant Yahoo! has launched a portal called "Shine." Yahoo's