By James Prenatt Last summer I became engaged to the woman who would later become my wife.  It wasn’t an easy time and it
Vaccination can cut shingles risk by more than half.
By Amanda MacMillan A few weeks after my 34th birthday, my husband and I went for a Saturday hike — a weekly ritual we’d
The vaccines don't stop once you reach adulthood.
What is shingles? Can shingles be prevented? While shingles is rarely life-threatening, it can be very painful, and, if contracted
People with shingles may be more vulnerable to these serious cardiovascular conditions.
The first thing I noticed was some pain and a little rash. The pain grew more and more pervasive, moving from my waist to the entire side to my abdomen. After three days, I went to the doctor.
Healthwise, being sixty sucks. My dear dad died this year. I was with him at the end and glimpsing my own possible demise, being, gulp, sixty, and mourning my dad was enough to pump my blood pressure to dangerously high levels and awaken the sleeping chicken pox virus I had as a child that developed into shingles.
If eternal youth isn't an option, get the shingles vaccine.
There's a good reason to have children before you get married: your daughter can be your flower girl and significantly magnify the guest gasp factor.