While there are benefits to Marie Kondo's theory, it's not a solution that works for everyone.
Backlash to the Netflix show ignores an essential aspect of the KonMari method: Its Shinto roots.
The violence apparently stemmed from a family feud.
It’s difficult to know whether they should be categorized as bedding or sex toys.
In a speech given before an audience of men and women with deep and firm religious foundations, foundations upon which I'm
First gate to walk past. Torii. A traditional Japanese gate serving as the entrance to a Shinto shrine or any Japanese Buddhist
Cultures around the globe celebrate birth in unique ways.
Standard Fushimi Inari by Cesar Sebouhian on 500px The Red Tunnel by Jacek Sniecikowski on 500px When January rolls around
Beautiful Meiji Shrine is already on most tour itineraries. The perfect stop before or after a ramble through Harajuku. Two very different -- but always compatible -- sides of this culture.
Koganji has been drawing hopeful health seekers to Sugamo since 1656. Believers come to pray to the powerful Togenuki Jizo statue.