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They eat a lot of fat. Learn more. They might even dabble in additional treatments. Learn more. The Best Ways to Air-Dry
"I definitely work on my hair like I do my body," Greiner says. Nicole Winhoffer, another top trainer in NYC, has a ponytail that's as fierce as the aerial jumps she performs in class. "I treat my body like a temple, and my beauty and hair routines are an extension of that."
My hair has led a rather audacious existence in her 30-plus years. She’s dabbled in the murky waters of at-home kits, entertained
But before you try this popular DIY trick, you should be cautious. "You have to be careful with the lemon because it could
We spotted Livers in New York City's SoHo neighborhood and couldn't help but stare at her vintage pale blue coat. But when
Whenever we spark a conversation with a complete stranger about hair, we can go on and on swapping beauty secrets. And that's
Until we see another bold makeup look from the New York Fashion Week runways, we'll just keep track of all the beautiful
Healthy hair starts with hydration. There are many factors that can affect the hair (frequent styling, the environment and
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