The "greatest declines" in coral in the Bahamas are linked by researchers to the stony coral tissue loss disease, which may be triggered by ship traffic.
Late night comedians joked about a shipping container getting stuck in the Suez Canal, blocking a critical trade route.
Most of the missing are Iranians, all from the tanker.
It appears he's considering an industry's profits over aid to 3.5 million Americans facing a humanitarian crisis.
Only two crew members rescued from massive cargo ship that sank like a stone.
China is committed to developing a robust enforcement for DECA, and we have been supporting the country’s efforts through
All too often, people regard muddy and sandy areas of the seafloor as ecological deserts: barren, featureless, devoid of
A recent study found that oceangoing ships alone causes nearly 18,000 premature deaths per year in mainland China, and this