The first major expedition in nearly 15 years reveals extensive decay and collapse.
Bits of paper recovered from wreckage off the North Carolina coast reveal heart-pounding prose.
Underwater video offers a stunning tour inside the wreckage of a freighter that sank in 1884.
The ancient bones survived "against all odds."
The findings included an extremely rare "Indio" coin used for trade with India.
"It makes you wonder what else is hidden and underneath our ground here."
By increasing our access to the ocean, we will increase our understanding of this wonderful and mysterious world, and by
It's the graveyard of out-of-luck sailors and sea captains whose ships lie in shallow waters off some of the world's harshest terrain. It's desolate, but beautiful. Many of the wrecks are completely destroyed by the sun and salty sea air, but a few are visible and can be seen up close.
An emergency situation requires an emergency solution. To stop the shipwrecks and the drownings in the Mediterranean (2,500 dead migrants since January), let's put the presumed refugees, or "would-be refugees" as described by the British press, in planes directly to Europe.
The gold comes from a Spanish fleet that sank in a storm in 1715.