Shiri Appleby

The show's star spoke to HuffPost about reality TV, the Me Too movement and saying goodbye to the show.
Things are bound to get even more interesting in the "Everlasting" house.
Your character was brought into the fictional world of UnReal's], "Everlasting" to be the "nice black girl," or a "Black
Rachel left the show a year earlier after suffering a massive breakdown triggered in large part by what she is required to
If you're a sufferer of mental illness, you've undoubtedly felt the sting of the media's portrayal of your disorder. From
It was just last month I was saying goodbye to my favorite new summer show, Lifetime's UnREAL, and welcoming back a favorite of mine from last season, USA's Playing House. Playing House is already ending its season tonight, too soon. You should watch.
Despite the recent, dismal report on the lack of diversity in the 100 top-grossing fictional films between 2007 and 2014--among other depressing statistics, only 30 percent of speaking roles belonged to women--girl-on-girl friendship on TV is thriving.
There's no love more real -- and "everlasting" -- than female friendship.
The former "Bachelor" producer says "likability" has no place in her dark reality-show satire.
How was that settled? It ultimately came down to the fact that it wasn’t me. It wasn’t Constance Zimmer on a billboard. It’s
Shiri Appleby has been very busy lately. On top of appearing in HBO's Girls as Adam's Girlfriend, Natalia, Appleby is also in the midst of filming a pilot for Lifetime (Unreal), and directing a one act play in Los Angeles.
Mazel tov goes out to Shiri Appleby and her fiance, restaurateur Jon Shook, for welcoming their baby girl, born March 23