"Don’t believe everything you read," said the reality TV star and heiress.
"When Trump took office and Obama started undressing, things got crazy," said the "Late Night" host.
I travelled from working in Kenya to arrive in India last Saturday with my new shirt bought for this trip. Seemingly made to perfection for a leading UK retailer, I took it out of its packet and put it on.
When entrepreneur Kelsey MacLean discovered that her son was being bullied in school, she did what any mom would do. She complained to his teachers and then to the school's administration, but at first she didn't get the results she was hoping for.
Turtlenecks: they're not just for winter anymore.
We're not sure how to feel about this daring look becoming a trend.
I could describe the shirt if I had to, but I don't know what I spilled on it or where the spill occurred, though we were probably at the airport eating fish tacos an hour after our flight was scheduled to leave, which it did, despite the fact that we weren't on it.
In the wake of the death of Eric Garner thousands across the country are showing support and one cop is only offending with his custom T-shirt.
In a remarkable development, scientists have received a message from deep space in which aliens want to know how and where they can get the bowling shirt of hot, scantily-clad women worn by Rosetta physicist Matt Taylor.