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The "Grey's Anatomy" star has three children — Stella, Sienna and Eli.
"I grew up wanting to be only her," Shonda Rhimes said about the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist on Twitter.
For Time magazine's list of 100 most influential people, the "Grey's Anatomy" creator sung the actress' praises, comparing Oh to a musical "virtuoso."
The ABC show will be considered the longest-running primetime medical drama in the U.S., surpassing "ER," after airing its 332nd episode.
Shonda Rhimes, Valerie Jarrett and other women heard him loud and clear — and loved it.
The "Grey's Anatomy" creator is done being modest about her success.
Annalise Keating and crew have a lot in store for Season 5 of Shonda Rhimes' hit show.
A viral New York magazine story about a woman charged with conning New York's elite is coming to Netflix.