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She never wanted to use the word in that “Grey’s Anatomy” episode.
With that, I went back to my room to lament over Derek Shepherd's death and the fact that she was totally right. At least I can say I learned a lot about life in the wee hours of the night where I lost sleep and somewhat lost my mind watching that show.
To me, you are a fairytale. I never thought that someone like you could exist. I didn't think that a black woman could tell the stories of so many different people on one of the most watched channels in the country.
The growing influence she has had in television has not gone unrecognized and has resulted in a major boost for ABC’s Thursday
"I can only say that I certainly don't see myself as being difficult. I would never intend to be difficult," she said. "I
Something is off. Maybe she's a serial killer or something because she's unsettling even as she's supposed to be "normal."
At Vox, Alex Abad-Santos called to light that Stanley constantly referred to Rhimes when discussing "HTGAWM" in her essay
April (Sarah Drew) says McDreamboat is "dying inside," there's some emotional hugging and Meredith admits, "I just don't
You were not a minor character, the nurse or a temporary patient with broken English, but a main character. I didn't mind the cheesy voice-overs and the weird sultry theme song. You became the character I intrinsically rooted for.
The drama before whatever crazy finale Shonda has in store for us. Everyone is losing it here -- except Jackson and April, which is irritating.
Webber goes to Boston to see Catherine for a romantic rendezvous, but it also ends up being a deposition as to why Yang lost. What's the Avery Foundation's beef? Turns out it's that she works at a hospital co-owned by the foundation. And now we know why Yang will be leaving. She can't fulfill her dream where she is.
I mentioned last week that I feel some nostalgia for "Grey's" of yore, and even one of you mentioned some "throwback" moments in the comments. This episode was full of them.
We love Shonda Rhimes! She's given us drama in the ER and extramarital affairs in the White House, and she does it in a style
Yang is nominated for a Harper Avery and is adorably trying to pretend like she has better things to do. Which, technically, she does. The heart family from last week has settled in and made themselves at home.
Cristina has to stow away for her trial patients to do a heart transplant on a girl, so Shane is tasked with keeping the kids safe from the outbreak. Bad news? The girls sister has heart disease, too, so now the family is just stuck at the hospital, with Yang and Owen trying to crack the case.
Watch the whole interview below: "I read the script last night ... The script is so amazing, it will blow you away," Washington
Although she's right that diversity on TV should be more prominent, Rhimes has made waves in this particular area. And her
Even with Oh leaving, (and we can't imagine series stars Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey to stick around forever) it seems
Of course, "How To Get Away With Murder" isn't Rhimes' only new project. In August, it was reported that she had sold a comedy