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Queer Voices
Jack Falahee and Shonda Rimes make sure a gay love scene gets restored in Italy.
Boy, does she feel silly. If The Catch can find its footing, it could get us hooked. Those late changes may account for the
When Bush called Smith back, she was busy and could not pick up the phone. So he left her a message: “Love you. Want you
Oh? Well, here is where I can maybe be of some use. Stop doing that, Alessandra Stanley! That is a really stupid way to write
With a background in finance and investing, Jocelyn Gailliot is the Tuckernuck's CEO and is primarily responsible for growth strategy, business development and assists co-founders Maddy and September in buying.<
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Lena Dunham wants to take a trip to Shondaland. The hour-long interview is chock full of goodness -- Fiona Apple love, Amazon's
Black Voices
As the hit series Scandal continues to show us, despite the increasing rate of interracial marriage within the United States, interracial relationships are still frequently represented as dirty little secrets -- relationships to be hidden rather than shown with pride.
Shonda Rhimes is one of the most powerful women in television, creating the hit shows "Grey's Anatomy," "Private Practice