Shooting of Alton Sterling

People have ideas about who they want leisha Evans to be. “And when they get a glimpse of who I actually am, they don’t like it.”
"We're afraid of revenge," a Baton Rouge resident said.
A relative said the cousins were known as "the Sterling boys."
One officer involved in the shooting death of Alton Sterling has been fired and the other has been suspended.
"I'm going to shoot you in your f**king head," one of the officers can be heard saying in the video.
The White House doesn’t consider police brutality a national issue, despite the shooting of Stephon Clark and absence of charges against both Alton Sterling and Eric Garner.
Court documents say one of the unreleased videos shows an officer involved in Sterling's fatal shooting shouting, "I'll kill you, b***h."
At least seven people were arrested, and police used tear gas and stun guns on the crowd.
Gavin Long set out to inflict "destruction ... upon bad cops as well as good cops," according to a note found in his car.
The suit says "negligent and unreasonable fatal actions" by police led to the 2016 shooting.
The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages from the city, police department and the two officers involved in the shooting.
We are stuck in a loop of violence and injustice.
Tomorrow morning, a diverse coalition of North Texans will gather in downtown Dallas at the historic St. Paul United Methodist