"The Late Show" host gleefully ribbed the ex-House member, who "definitely leans to the right."
Say goodbye to the bunched-up jorts of days past.
Number 5 on that list debuted 40 years ago today, on August 8, 1976, when the Chicago White Sox coupled their already hideous
A JetBlue passenger said that a gate agent in Boston asked her to change her shorts before she was allowed to board her flight to Seattle. A statement from the airline supported the agent and said that the woman's shorts could "offend" other passengers.
Why would someone use Shorts instead of Snapchat? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling
I can't remember the last time I wore shorts in public. Rolled up jeans -- yes. Dresses with panty hose - yes. (I know. I'm old school in court.) Yoga capri pants -- yes. But no shorts. I was probably 14 years old the last time I wore real shorts out in public. And that is absolutely ridiculous.
It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the culture of South Asian immigrants that both ambition and identity do a similar dance, often with greater intensity, and is among the latest variations on a familiar American story.
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