Iowa State fans hadn't forgotten the actor's remarks on how little he bathes.
The president has long complained that water-saving standards from 1992 make it harder for him to wash his hair.
The two were visiting U.S. troops during the Vietnam War when the Yankee Clipper needed help from the all-time hit king to bathe.
Glass shower doors can spontaneously shatter, sending people to emergency rooms every year.
The gifts of 2017 are already spectacular.
To bathe a dog, you will need the aforementioned hose and shampoo, as well as a towel. That's for the dog. Sue sighed and
It's not what most of us are used to smelling.
Hot and humid summer weather can impact allergy symptoms -- and to ensure that your indoor and outdoor activities are not impacted by "wheezing and sneezing" moments. Our tips will allow you to manage, reduce and (perhaps) eliminate allergens in your indoor and outdoor environment.
By Phil Mutz, writer at LittleThings If you're anything like me, taking a long, hot shower can be one of the best parts of
There's really no reason not to do this.