shrinking middle class

It's the first time that's been true in 40 years.
America’s middle class is shrinking in every state in America.
On top of that, the spend-happy family is said to shell out $25,000 on vacations and $22,000 on restaurants, entertainment
For many of them, the recovery has been worse than the recession. Median household income fell for the fifth straight year
Barack Obama says the recovery is underway, and all our economy needs is a little stimulus. Mitt Romney says what this country needs is a president with experience in creating jobs. The truth is that neither camp is admitting the truth.
The American dream may be more out of reach, but it's not impossible to achieve.
It must be nice to live in CNBC's world, the best of all possible worlds, where the glasses are always half-full and the rich get richer but the poor don't get poorer.
Without the restoration of middle class jobs for Americans, the lights will not go back on and support for education will continue to fade.
At the same time, nonprofits are also dealing with the effects of the recession, facing decreased revenue sources from donors
NPR reports she earns $42,000 a year, close to the nation's median income, assisting the elderly as a case manager. LISTEN
So what can we do? First, listen to the stories of average Americans -- stories of sudden job loss and financial hardship