Discarding gender stereotypes, new collections feature male nurses and stay-at-home dads, along with guys who wear makeup and jewelry.
KnowThyCustomer is a company that assists businesses in diving deeper into “who” their customers and employees are. According
One of the most common questions I get asked when talking about the history of Shutterstock is: "Did everything change after the IPO?" And my answer is always the same: "Hmm... Nope!"
Getty may have 80 million images, but Pinterest has one of the most actively-engaged communities on the web. But is community enough to cut through the clutter of the increasingly-crowded mobile photography space?
Approximately 3.4 million discarded dogs and cats will be euthanized in the United States in 20131. Imagine being the person that shows up for work each day to put these poor unsuspecting animals down. I personally would much prefer to have a job saving these animals instead.
Shutterstock, the world's largest photo marketplace went public on NYSE this time last year, making Oringer "the first billionaire to come out of Silicon Alley."
It's been a while since we did our last roundup of absurd stock images, but we've got a great one for you this time: What
[h/t Visual News] Scroll through the slideshow below to see what the designers had in store for Peggy Olsen, Joan Harris
Have a great week NY Techsters... But today - it's very different. As organizer Nate Westheimer introduced Dennis Crowley
Find inspiration in one of the most traditional ways -- unplug for a bit, escape the glow of the screen, and massage your brain with a good, old-fashioned book, chock full of knowledge, anecdotes, ideas and suggestions.
Hipster reimaginings of children's favorites -- from the Little Mermaid to Harry Potter to the Disney Princesses -- just
There are not many occasions when one will find oneself seeking an image of a cat in smart clothes with money and red caviar