It is okay to admit that anxiety is a real, terrifying medical condition.
So I went to the party as an experiment, not in pretending to be confident, but rather in seeing what would happen if I stopped lending credence to my "I'm shy" theory. I had such a great time that my wife had to drag me away from the party (pretty much a first for us), and a whole host of new experiences became available to me.
So you took the plunge into entrepreneurship and you're excited to take control of your dreams. You realize that in order to build your business and market your products or services that you should really get out there and meet some new people.
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The last time that you visited a spa did the therapist recommend a retail product to you? If your spa's retail area is fairly extensive they probably should have. Even if you had a massage.
Though introverts typically shy from the spotlight, introversion has enjoyed a wave of public attention following the publication
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Especially if you're shy or tend to be anxious, those first date jitters can translate into full blown dating anxiety, which can be paralyzing. The days and hours leading up to a date can be worry-filled, and you may even avoid dating altogether if it's too intense.