Shy Kids

Shy kids of the world, unite (even if it's quietly).
I really just want you to know what I hope you already know -- that you make an immense impact on the person my child is growing up to be. And she notices that. And so do we.
When my firstborn was just a baby, an artist friend introduced me to his children, who were ages 6 and 8. I was surprised and delighted when each made eye contact, said hello audibly and offered a handshake.
I looked over at one point and saw Colin backed into a corner, trying to be small as possible. He grasped a plate in both hands, on which rested a giant, untouched piece of chocolate cake.
If, in contrast, the link between shyness and language showed up in expressive (spoken) language, but not in receptive (understood
Wouldn't it be great if people realized that shyness was not a personality flaw that they need to change?