I don’t feel guilty for declining invitations if I’m sick. So why do I feel ashamed to admit that I’m feeling mentally fragile?
As parents, helping our kids navigate their social world will ultimately help them years later. When they are young, we just
It is okay to admit that anxiety is a real, terrifying medical condition.
Sometimes I felt like I was living in the movie Groundhog Day, but I was always backstage at the Tony Awards. Every night the same show, with the words, "wait, can I do that one more time" coming from my daughter's mouth as she pleaded for another do over.
Spoiler Alert: People are nice! So why is the majority of the American population still hesitant when it comes to walking up to strangers to ask for help or to engage in conversation?
And, even at 26, I still get called "quiet." But, you see, these people have no clue how far I've come. To their surprise
The Privi-Pee aims to make your fear of peeing in public go down the drain.