si se puede

On Whole Foods opening in Harlem: They know it's not for them. You have to save up to buy a banana in Whole Foods. I was
"Perseverance," "resilience," "strength," "immigration," and "the American Dream" are just a few words that are nearly synonymous with the Latino experience. And this is especially true when you look at the staggering statistics and the obstacles that Latinos have to overcome in order to succeed in public schools.
A días de su estreno, te adelantamos qué pasará en 'Sí se Puede'.
The House GOP can't continue to block immigration reform and have their presidential candidates oppose the DACA program and expect to garner more Hispanic/Asian votes than they did in 2012.
Sí se puede will undoubtedly be a cheer that goes down in history. However - on the field and off - we are no longer chanting for the underdog. Today we are rooting for the reality that we are champs.
I know she's an amazingly brave, strong, and intelligent woman. I know she's unstoppable. I can only imagine what she's seen in her lifetime.
The East L.A. quintet is three years shy of the fourth decade of their "weird little trip," as saxophonist/keyboardist Steve Berlin describes it. Los Lobos is playing for keeps.
But the current system, as those vibrant activists on the Mall pointed out, cannot hold. Millions of undocumented workers
Perhaps neglecting to lay out an immigration reform agenda in his State of the Union address was the best thing president Obama could have done for immigration reform.
Brown's victory is not the end of civilization as we know it but it should inspire all Americans to take a careful look at what they've done in rejecting Hope for No.