Unusually hot and dry conditions have led to fires blazing across the Arctic.
A cave lion cub and a massive mammoth's foot also were recently found in melting permafrost.
Neanderthals weren't the only ones modern humans liked to sleep with.
The suspect then set the room ablaze, Russia's Investigative Committee said.
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are both taking time off from their Presidential duties. There, the similarity ends. Compare and contrast the world leaders’ recreational activities.
They were protesting a Ukrainian filmmaker's 20-year prison sentence.
Andrew Hopkins, Australian National University Permafrost is the layer of permanently frozen earth – over a 1,000 metres
One more serious thing to worry about as the planet warms.
"These tigers are doomed," says big cat welfare activist Susan Bass.
At least 41 people are dead after drinking a bath oil called Hawthorn.
At least 32 people were airlifted to the hospital.
"Everything could happen, including violence," says the show's creator.