"No one is as obnoxiously well-behaved as a child whose sibling is getting yelled at."
Realizing that my parents couldn’t be questioned without severe consequences was like waking up from a dream.
As an old newspaperman living in a digital age, I am often asked if print will survive. My answer is yes, and for a very important reason: You can't wrap fish in a website. Besides, what are you supposed to do, housebreak your dog on an iPad?
Your little sister smiles from ear to ear when she sees your face, and always looks for you when she hears your voice. Even though I'm her mommy, I have a feeling that you're her favorite person.
Today's parents plan joint birthdays for the same reason your mother did: It's convenient, cheaper and theoretically easier than throwing two parties. But their online ruminations suggest that they worry about making the right choice.
RANDOM NOTES You can learn more about this film at its very worthwhile website which features updates and a very cool mapping
Some kids are thrilled to meet the new baby. Others aren't so attached. (Photo taken by Jay Malone.)
I had been using anger to mask my fear and sadness for the past nine months, ever since my older sister was diagnosed with liver cancer. This was the first time I cried.
Don't worry about who your parents favor more. Be each other's favorite.