Most Americans use air conditioning in their homes or offices. But can it harm your health?
“Sometimes the thing you’re most scared of being called is the best thing you can call yourself,” Dunham wrote of her new ink.
Preventing illness is the first step to enjoying your time off.
Ever felt like you needed a vacation to recover from your vacation? Not anymore.
Brace yourselves! The winter apocalypse is upon us...
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I've never been much a rule follower. I'll fudge my daughter's age at overpriced theme parks, talk my way into a free trial class, knowing I have no intention of signing up and bypass rules of the road (The rolling stop is a favorite move of mine as is right on red, no u-turn... Basically, I'm a menace to society.).
You’re pregnant. All of a sudden, your world turns upside down in a right side up kind of way. A small stick with a plus
New research from UC Berkeley and Northwestern University, based on how couples behave during conflicts, suggests outbursts of anger predict cardiovascular problems later in life.
"Sometimes I have a hard time believing you are actually my mother." Normally that type of talk would result in my feelings being hurt and I would have reprimanded her for being fresh.
After two years of working in the sleep field, I've noticed that I'm much more conscious of the time I hit the pillow at night. After I began getting more sleep, I saw obvious daily improvements in my energy level and mood, and coincidence or not, I haven't been seriously ill since then either.
As parents, we've all been in the situation when someone brings their obviously sick child to a play date or to school. These overly laid back or inconsiderate parents saunter in with a toddler whose nose is profusely running and a barky cough with little or no explanation. You are often left to panic or seethe.
The back of your throat is feeling dry and scratchy. Your nose is a little runny. Maybe you're feeling a little achy. You'd planned to workout today, but now you're not so sure. There's a chance it could make you feel know, sweat things out a bit. But it's also possible it could make you feel worse. Maybe a lot worse. What do you do: workout or take a day off?
But the path to diagnosis wasn't simple or straightforward. In fact, it was difficult and, at a time, felt hopeless. It also taught me valuable lessons.
After 11 years of being a parent, I've done the sick-parenting thing many, many times, and I'm here to offer you support
These PSAs make it seem like getting a flu shot is easy and obvious, but every year, the majority of American adults choose NOT to make that long, difficult trek to the pharmacy on the corner. So should you? We won't tell you what to do, but we'll help you think through it.