sick kids

I've never been much a rule follower. I'll fudge my daughter's age at overpriced theme parks, talk my way into a free trial class, knowing I have no intention of signing up and bypass rules of the road (The rolling stop is a favorite move of mine as is right on red, no u-turn... Basically, I'm a menace to society.).
I have written extensively in this forum about what a big, whiny baby I am when I am sick. It is well documented that I suck at being sick. Well... my wife calls it being sick. I think of it as a close encounter with my mortality and myself as a victim of plague and Ebola and other maladies introduced to me by my children via their poison snot. It all depends on perspective I guess.
There comes a time in every parent's life when your child gets sick for the first time. One day, he's a shiny little angel, and the next minute, he's got snot running down his nose, and he starts to sound and look like Abe Vigoda.
Maybe being "in control" all of the time isn't what our kids need to see in us. Maybe they need to see that we acknowledge their pain and their hurt. That we feel it too because we hate to ever see them suffer, even in the most minor ways (like penicillin shots).
I wish sometimes that this could be Christmas. Quiet mornings, in the glow of lights, and not a build-up to another early morning of opening gifts that will soon be forgotten, discarded on the bedroom floor. I want to enjoy these two warm bodies next to me that were once part of my own.
A young sibling trio plays classical music in the subway to raise money for the homeless.
Kids such as 9 year-old Rachael have experienced more hospital visits and grit their teeth through more ongoing treatment than I ever have. Maybe more than you have too.
While my kids have had their share of illnesses, this was one of the longer bouts my son has experienced. Playing nursemaid, I learned a lot about how to care for my ailing toddler.
We aren't here to judge -- and we have seen and heard worse, I promise. Please, tell the truth. I can't take care of your child (or you) if you don't.
As I sat there today, surrounded by these lovable disease carriers of mine, I couldn't help but think there had to be a better way to be sick. The following are some of the ideas I came up with.