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Google broke down which states love mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cornbread dressing and more.
Writer Maya Kosoff tweeted out a request for "weird inexplicable retro family recipes," and the results are eye-opening.
"I have never been ashamed to be from the West Coast until today."
Start by identifying an appropriate bread. What you want is a well-structured but not especially chewy bread made of white
Embrace the rainbow food craze with this healthy recipe that will make you abandon food coloring for good.
While these aromatics sweated, Jackie and I trimmed the ends off the previously washed beans and cut the larger ones in half
It has a subtle but genuine celery flavor, especially after a 30-minute rest period, and a nearly crisp chew that is nothing
Fireworks, friends and -- most importantly -- food! Flag these easy salad and side recipes for your Independence Day party. They're keepers.
#3 Chocolate Milk Calories: 130 Fat: 0 Grams Sodium: 135 milligrams #3 Yogurt Calories: 50 Fat: .5 Grams Sodium: 35 milligrams
It's always a favorite at Summer parties. Oh, and don't skip the mint because it really makes the flavors pop in this dish