side hustle

Former reps and clients share tales of faulty products, predatory practices and money they'll never make back.
It seems like everywhere you look these days there is another article on the "side hustle." Maybe it's the fascination with the "gig economy." Whatever you call it, it's a new name for an old construct. Supplemental work can help with extra income. But it can also be the sign of a career crisis -- your side hustle might be your true calling.
"The hustle" isn't just a name of a song. The millennial generation is hustling. In part to stay within reach of their creativity, to keep hold of that response you gave to "what you want to be when you grow up" while simultaneously still managing to be an adult able to pay their bills on time through their full time, real paying job.
By definition, a millennial is someone who is born between 1982 and 1994. But here is a secret, you do not have to be born during a certain year to claim the millennial lifestyle. Anyone, at any age, can have the millennial mindset. Don't hate us, join us! Here are four rules you can break so you can be on your way to living the millennial lifestyle. After all, breaking rules is an essential part of being a millennial.
Of course, use proper discretion when working side businesses as you should only do whatever you are comfortable with. From some or all of these side hustles, you could earn yourself a nice vacation!
Today, side hustles are a common thing for many millennials. Heather DeSantis is no different. Heather was a food publicist with a salary of $51,000 a year for over 3 years. She worked with nationally known food brands and restaurants and secured 35 segments per week for various clients across the country, for local and National media.